Close Quarter Tactics (CQT)

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Active Shooter Survival

Active Shooter Survival Training

Active Shooter Survival Rapid Response Training for Places of Worship, Law Enforcement, Government, Universities, K-12 Schools, Businesses, Healthcare Facilities, Citizen Groups & major Corporations worldwide. Learn More



Reality-based training. All instructors are highly skilled and respected with experience in different Martial Art Disciplines to include Law Enforcement and Military Defensive Tactics. All are 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th Dan Black Belts in KRAV MAGA, Karate, Judo, Sancus Ryu Jui Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do and Shotokan who train all public safety agencies and citizens. Learn More.


EMT Defensive Training
Church Threat Survival


Global One Defense has designed this mission specific Tactical Self Defense course for EMT/Paramedic healthcare providers nationwide. We have trained the Navajo Nation, Ambulance Services and Fire Departments and hospital/medical staff. The course is accredited by the Medical Bureau for 8-Hours of Advanced CEU Training. Learn More

Places of Worship Threat

This video shows how important it is to have  well-trained warriors/volunteers to protect our places of worship. This knowledge and training give you the edge to survive an attack at your Place of Worship.
The THREAT is REAL and too common now a days not to be trained! Learn More about this event. Click on link to watch the video: Places of Worship Threat Conference

Places of Worship Training

This training helps your leadership, staff, volunteers and congregation learn to prevent, prepare, react, respond and recover in a Terrorist or Domestic Deadly Force Encounter. It applies to all Places of Worship. Learn More