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    This is a Life Defense course designed to provide the knowledge necessary to survive an active shooter situation (a real possibility in today‘s world) by means of escape, concealment or self-defense. Re-enactment immersion scenarios designed to re-create the environment of an active shooter will help develop your immediate response necessary to survive the attack. See more.

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    World-Wide training

    Training courses include Tactical Management for SWAT Commanders, Major Event Security, Critical Incident Management, and many courses designed to help Police Chiefs & Police Commanders, U.S. National Football League and Major League Baseball Farm Team Security Executives. Read more

  • Church Threat Survival

    Places of Worship Threat Survival

    This training helps your leadership, staff, volunteers and congregation learn to prevent, prepare, react, respond and recover in a Terrorist or Domestic Deadly Force Encounter.  It applies to all Places of Worship. Learn More

  • Warrior Women

    Warrior Women Empowerment is designed to teach a set of defense skills to women, so that they will be empowered to protect themselves, and their loved ones. This class is for all women 15 years of age. See More

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    Gun Disarming Certification Courses

    Learn how to disarm a gun or rifle in real-life simulated situations. Become proficient at a variety of disarms especially in life or death situations. Test your ability to apply these disarms in an unknown attacker simulations and failures. These disarming courses provide a series of comprehensive proficiency classes broken up into five-levels of survival. The training is designed for businessmen and women, military, law enforcement, security professionals, emergency responders, concealed handgun license holders or persons charged with the safety and protection of others. See More