Jesus "Bobby" Nunez

Jesus Nunez, a Staff Sergeant and Leadership Instructor in the New Mexico Army National Guard, is currently in his 16th year of service to his Country and Community. He served his first active duty tour with the 82nd Airborne Division as an Infantryman. While on active duty, he deployed to Iraq in support of the Iraqi Freedom campaign in 2003. Following his initial tour, he continued to serve his country and community as an Instructor with the Combat Arms Training Company where he became a Firearms Instructor in January of 2004. Jesus Nunez’ Instructor experience includes Basic and Advanced Pistol instruction as well as Urban Carbine. Jesus Nunez has attended multiple shooting schools, both Military and Civilian, to in include Gunsite Basic Defensive Pistol and Threat Weapons Course. Thunder Ranch Urban Rifle Course, Pat Rodgers E.A.G. Gunfighter Course, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Special reaction Team/Quick Reaction Force, U.S. Army Small Arms Master Gunner Course.

In regard to combatives training and experience, Jesus Nunez is currently the only remaining Level 4 Modern Army Combatives Instructor in the State of New Mexico. Some of his certifications include Modern Army Combatives Level 1 thru 4 certification, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Military and Law Enforcement Certification, Pence Martial Arts Ground fighting for Law Enforcement course. Jesus Nunez also has 6 years of amateur Boxing and Muay-Thai experience.