GunDis7Learn how to disarm a gun or rifle in real-life simulated situations. Become proficient at a variety of disarms especially in life or death situations. Test your ability to apply these disarms in an unknown attacker simulations and failures. These disarming courses provide a series of comprehensive proficiency classes broken up into five-levels of survival. The training is designed for businessmen and women, military, law enforcement, security professionals, emergency responders, concealed handgun license holders or persons charged with the safety and protection of others. Please click on any of the courses above for detailed descriptions and upcoming class dates.

Gun disarming is a self-defense skill that once developed can literally save your life if you are ever in the unfortunate situation wherein your life literally depends on how you respond to an attacker armed with a firearm. Your learned ability to effectively disarm that threat may sound counterintuitive but if you have no means of escape, you have no-weapon and it is unavoidable, then the disarming tactics you learn could keep you alive and save the lives of others around you!

These five levels of Gun Disarming Course require 45-hours of instruction (9-hours each) to complete with each level offered in one day. The course is split into five levels with a certificate awarded after successful completion of a proficiency test at the end of each training. Must wear groin protection and gym clothes to all trainings.


Instructor Gilbert Baca, Jr., is a United States Anti-Terrorism Trainer worldwide as well as a police and civilian Defensive Tactics & Gun Disarming Instructor. Instructor Gil Baca holds a first degree Shodan Black Belt in Shotokan Martial Arts and has extensively trained in Sanuces Ryu Jujitsu (Modern Combat), Mixed Martial Arts, Taekwondo, Kajukenbo and Haganah (Israeli Special Forces Hand-to-Hand Combat). Gil is also an instructor of KRAV MAGA (Israeli Combat Martial Arts). Instructor Nick Card trained Instructor Baca in all of his Martial Arts except Shotokan and Kajukenbo. Instructor Nicholas Card is also a three time Black Belt and instructor of Sanuces Ryu Jujitsu (Modern Combat), Taekwondo and KRAV MAGA (Israeli Martial Arts) as well as 5-years of training and instruction experience in Haganah (Israeli Special Forces Hand-to-Hand Combat). Nick and Gil are co-owners and business partners in a Martial Arts and Self-Defense training studio under the business name of SCI-TAC COMBAT. Global One also uses Adrian Rubio and Scott Mitchell as staff instructors as well.

The Five Levels of Gun Disarming Courses are:

Level I: Disarming Active Shooters

Level II: Disarming Threats and Carjackings

Level III: Hostage Situation Disarming

Level IV: Disarming in Adverse Situations

Level V: Zero-Space Disarming