Completion of this course (in the State of New Mexico) qualifies for 8 hours continuing education credits. For details see this document: EMS-Self-Defense-CEUs-Approval-Doc-2014-2016


emt-self-defense-taticsCOURSE DESCRIPTION


Global One Defense held its inaugural EMS Self Defense class on April 26th, 2014, at the McKinley County Fire Marshal’s Office, Gallup, N.M. Twenty regional volunteer firefighters attended the 8-hour class taught by Gil Baca, Joe Kolb, Todd Patton and Adrian Rubio. The class addressed the growing incidence of assaults against EMS workers, how to de-escalate a volatile situation and how to defend against a combative patient. This part of the program was hands on and addressed safe and ethical, defensive and restraint techniques that can be sued EMS personnel outside and in the back of an ambulance. Ken Hoffman, EMS commander, McKinley County said this type of training is typically neglected and taken for granted in training courses–until the EMS worker is put in harms way.

KEY TOPICS: The following are the Key Topics covered during the EMS Self Defense Course.

  • Pre/Post Knowledge Assessment
  • Case Studies of Combative Patient Incidents
  • EMS Assualt Cases
  • Legal Aspects of Patient Restraint
  • Basic Defensive Tactics Overview
  • Tactics in diffusing and Calming Down a Patient
  • How to Legally and Safely Restrain a Patient for Transport
  • Patient Restraint Tactics ‘inside’ Ambulance/Rescue Unit
  • How to Prevent Injuries to EMS and Patient
  • Use of Defensive Tactics to Gain Voluntary Patient Compliance
  • Defensive Escape Tactics Standing and Sitting inside


  • Increased Confidence That You Can Defend Yourself 
  • Increased Confidence When Contacting Patients
  • Increased Knowledge of Escape and Restraint Techniques  
  • Increased Knowledge of Self Defense Doctrine 
  • Increased Knowledge of Legal Parameters in Self Defense
  • Increased Knowledge of Proper Report Writing of an EMS Assault
  • Increased Knowledge in Diffusing a situation and Obtaining Voluntary Compliance
  • Decrease in Lawsuits and EMS Injuries