Damian Pascetti

Damian Pascetti

Training and Certifications

  • IPP Krav Maga – First Dan Black Belt
  • IPP Krav Maga, – Level 1 Instructon
  • IPP Krav Maga – Second Dan Black Belt
  • IPP Krav Maga Level 2 Instructor
  • IPP Krav Maga  Third Dan Black Belt
  • IPP Krav Maga Level 3 Instructor
  • IPP Krav Maga Defense Tactics - Level 1
  • Haganah (Israeli Special Forces Hand-to-Hand Combat)
  • Advanced Defensive Handgun Training
  • Tactical Handgun Training
  • Advanced Firearms Training
  • Defensive Tactics Instructor
  • KRAV MAGA Street Survival for Military and Public Safety Personnel
  • Close Quarter Tactics (CQT) Instructor: Levels 1-5 for Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers

Extensive Experience/Advanced Training

  • IPP Krav Maga Stick training
  • IPP Krav Maga Knife training
  • IPP Krav Maga Handgun training
  • IPP Krav Maga Rifle training

Owner/Operator, Pascetti Steel Design, Inc. PascettiSteel.com
*Residential and commercial custom metal fabrication
Owner/Operator/Designer, Funky Steel FunkySteel.com
*Retail products of modern innovative design