IT – Personal & Professional

Your plate is often full at work. But G1 Global Solutions IT Services can offer you a simplified, carefree, more efficient way to deal with your computer needs.

Delegate the time-draining daily computer problems to a seasoned pro with G1. With a portfolio of flexible solutions designed for affordability and tailored for growing businesses, we can help take labor-intensive hands-on computer problems off your hands, and have back in action within minutes. Imagine how good that would feel.

Obtain a customized price quote quickly for any of the following services by simply calling or emailing us. Answer a few questions and within 48 hours a G1 Global Solutions Services specialist will call you back and personally help you build and price the right solution for your business computer needs.

IT Related Security Services


  • Identity Theft & Security
  • IT Services
  • Web & Recovery Services
  • Network Topology Review
  • Server/Workstation Review
  • Analysis of Firewall
  • Vulnerability Scans
  • Backup & Restore
  • Traffic Analysis

Identity Theft & Security

Protect your Business & Employees!
Security threats can come from all directions – and affect all aspects of your business and your employees. G1 Security and privacy services are designed to help you prevent identity theft and stay one step ahead of hackers and others with malicious intent.

We can help safeguard your networks, data, user access, messaging systems and physical environment – and help better position you and your business for regulatory compliance.

IT Services

Desktop Management
All systems GO! We can help your business take off with an end-user service solution designed to lower the total cost of ownership and increase the service levels associated with your desktops, laptops, wireless devices and printers. Our experts are available 24/7.

G1 e-mail Security Services
A fully hosted and managed e-mail security service designed to provide protection and give you the option to tailor your solution to your business needs. Combine our security with yours and help protect your e-mail application: anti-virus, anti-spam, image & content control.

G1 Firewall and VPN Managed Security Services
A solution designed to help you protect your network while reducing maintenance requirements and costs.

A G1 Solutions IT Expert is provided for your location to service around the clock, and allow remote employees to securely access your network. You can customize security settings through a Web-based management tool to your specifications

Web & Recovery Services

G1 WEB Security
Managed Security Services for Web security A fully hosted, managed service that is designed to provide protection against inappropriate Internet access by your employees. This service also helps stop unwanted virus and spy-ware threats from entering your network while helping to keep costs low.

Business Continuity
No need to spend more to worry less. Just call G1 and find ways to keep your business up and running at all times! G1 is vital to your success and your peace of mind. G1 business continuity and RECOVERY Services don’t require you to sacrifice confidence for cost. Please let us to help you safeguard your data, keep e-mail flowing and maintain high levels of infrastructure availability – without overstretching your budget!