What Is “Discovered Property?”
Discovered Property can refer to a broad range of tangible items, including dormant bank accounts, unclaimed security deposits, unclaimed shares of stock and dividend checks, but it also may include such things as unused gift certificates and gift cards, unused rebates and customer credits, accounts receivable, vendor checks and various types of credits that appear on a company’s records. These are the complicated areas that G1 helps you with, so that you can get a quick and cost free recovery!

G1 is a licensed, registered & authorized Asset Recovery company dedicated to work with YOU as your advocate with any party/company holding your assets to ensure that you get your money or property back that belongs to YOU! G1 will conduct searches for you by using individuals names, business names (open or closed), estates, etc. and if we find money or property for you, we will immediately let you know!

Then, with your permission initiate the process to recover it for you. Finders makes sure you know how much you have coming to you, sends you the forms you must sign and notorized, informs you of what other documents you may need to attach, and again, works with YOU through the whole process up until you have your money/property back in your custody. We have already researched and located hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients!

REMEMBER: When YOU get paid– Finders gets paid!

FREE SEARCH/Work Hours/Mailing Address: Call us at 505-385-7089 or email us. Open Monday through Friday – 8:00am to 5:00pm – Mountain Standard time.


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