The threat is real.

This is a Life Defense course designed to provide the knowledge necessary to survive an active shooter situation (a real possibility in today‘s world) by means of escape, concealment or self-defense. Re-enactment immersion scenarios designed to re-create the environment of an active shooter will help develop your immediate response necessary to survive the attack. Prevention preparedness, response and aftermath action are covered during this course. This course is open to everyone including government employees, corporate employees, law enforcement, EMS and private and public school officials.

Active Shooter Survival Instructors

Topics Covered

Topics covered in the course are Krav Maga based tactics

  • The Threat is Real! Current threat of Transnational Terrorism
  • Protection and Survival Strategies
    Active Shooter trends and history in the United States
  • TAC-MED EMS Training
  • Definition, mentality objective and phases of an Active Shooter
  • Psychology of Survival and the Warriors-Survival Mentality
  • Law enforcement and School threat preparation and response after action
  • Fight: Defensive hand-to-hand survival tactics (KRAV MAGA Based)
  • High Stress Inoculation - Live Action Shooter immersion scenarios for Police and school personnel
  • Certificate of Completion and Class Photo