2014 Trainings Post View


On April 29 & May 8, 2014, the Global One Defense Training Team that consisted of Instructors Todd Patton, Vince Harrison, Kathy Martinez-Baca, Gil Baca and Bill Kornrumph collectively delivered both WARRIOR ETHICS Classes that consisted of eight hours of instruction on both days. The entire Rio Rancho Fire Department as well as fire Commanders that were invited by Fire Chief Meek to attend at no-cost included Commanders from the Bernalillo County Fire Department, Santa Fe Fire Department and the Albuquerque Fire Department. It was a special occasion for Kathy Martinez-Baca because her Father Arthur Martinez was the Chief of the Albuquerque Fire Department and has the Carlisle AFD Fire Station named after him shortly after he passed. A special thank you to Chief Michael Meek and Deputy Chief Paul Bearce for the opportunity to train such a professional group of professional men and woman from your department and the invited departments. A special thank you from all of our staff to Battalion Chief Richard Doty for your outstanding help with all the logistical elements needed to successfully deliver this course–we could not have done it the short time frame without your help. On behalf of all the instructors we also want to say thank you for the Fire Fighter Shirts and Baseball caps!  Thank you to all of you for your service and please stay safe!

Albuquerque ISOTOPES Security Training:

On March 8, 2014, 30 members of the Isotopes Security Management, Bag Examiners, Security/Metal Detection Team were trained in Major Sport Event Security by Instructors Tom Dobson, Matt Chance and Gil Baca all members of the Global One Defense Training Team. The photos were taken during the training. Mr. Bobby Atencio, Director of Security and a retired Albuquerque Police Officer was very pleased with the training and has requested more training from us. The best measurable accomplishment based on the evaluations received from the participants was that their ‘knowledge levels of Major Event Security’ increased from Average to Above Average!  Thank You Albuquerque ISOTOPES for the opportunity to train your staff for your upcoming Baseball season!


Global One Defense held its inaugural EMS Self Defense class on April 26th, 2014, at the McKinley County Fire Marshal’s Office, Gallup, N.M.  Twenty regional volunteer firefighters attended the 8-hour class taught by Gil Baca, Joe Kolb, Todd Patton and Adrian Rubio. The class addressed the growing incidence of assaults against EMS workers, how to de-escalate a volatile situation and how to defend against a combative patient. This part of the program was hands on and addressed safe and ethical, defensive and restraint techniques that can be sued EMS personnel outside and in the back of an ambulance. Ken Hoffman, EMS commander, McKinley County said this type of training is typically neglected and taken for granted in training courses–until the EMS worker is put in harms way.