Gloria Marcott:

Gloria Marcott began her self-defense business in 1992 focusing on helping young girls and women. She has over 20 years of self- defense classes and seminars experience.  She is the creator and Master Trainer of the Level 1 Certification Program for TigerLight, Inc. – makers of the Defense Alert Device (D.A.D.).

She began her Law Enforcement career in 2003 in Albuquerque, NM. While there she served as a Firearms, Officer Survival, Ground Control, and Defensive Tactics Instructor. She was also a part of the Emergency Response Team, CNT Member, Region 1 Narcotics Detective and worked as a DEA Task Force Officer conducting Federal Narcotics Investigations for five years. In 2015, Marcott relocated to Rio Rancho Police Department where she works as their Training Coordinator – Master Instructor. Her focus is on Tactical Firearms, Officer Survival, Force Encounters Analysis, Defensive Tactics, Terrorism Response Tactics, and Active Shooter Response.   Marcott continues to create and run contract courses establishing various programs and in-service material for major local and state departments in the US.